The Shop

This is where we have the curios and collectables. Cabinets full of interesting and quirky items. Along with Silverware and Antique rings we have a large range of costume jewellery, studio glass, china and local interest items such as Isle of Wight Glass, Isle of Wight Pottery and bottles and postcards. You’ll also find hand made jewellery, sundry items of furniture, and a large range of Dolls House items. Our two main vinyl dealers are housed in the Shop area along with CDs and Pokemon cards and we currently have an interesting range of both Concorde and Cunard memorabilia on display.

From Beswick to Goebels from Royal Albert to Shelley pieces our ceramics and figurines are always popular. If you are reminiscing about the past we have vintage board games and annuals, tin plate toys, cameras and all sorts of toy cars and other collectables to take you back.