The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed was originally part of the Farm Piggery and still has the original stone trough and manger in it which makes for a great background to all the bits and bobs you’ll find in there. The original concept from Mel was that the space would be for ‘everything you might find in an old potting shed’ such as tools and gardenalia however its now evolved into a much more interesting space under husband Rob’s guidance.

With architectural gems and salvaged items as well as a range of refurbished tools and garden items including but not limited to, antique and vintage workshop items ranging from spanners to vices, garden tools ranging from hand trowels to garden rakes, door furniture ranging from key hole covers to completes door knob/handle sets and from time to time other gems including a small number of tractor parts, galvanised buckets and watering cans and much more.